Editing build.prop on Android L

A week ago Google provided the new developer preview version Android L for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 for download.

After reading the positive feedback to the new Android L version (XDA Android “L” Developer Preview Discussion) and discovering SuperSU 2.01 (SuperSU 2.01 Lets You Root the Android L Developer Preview) and Titanium Backup (Experimental Titanium Backup build with Android L support) is supporting Android L I decided to install the new version to my mobile.

The first impression of Android are very promising, but I hate the big icons of Android L (and also Kitkat) on the mobile. Why make a mobile with 5″ screen to show 5 icons in a line?

From my expediencies on Kitkat I know to get a better UI with more information I just have to change the line

ro.sf.lcd_denisty = 480


ro.sf.lcd_denisty = 300

in the file /system/build.prop.

Unfortunately my favorite file manager ES File Explorer doesn’t support root with Android L yet. So I tried different other possibilities like Root Explorer (root not with free version) or others, which needs installation of busy box, without success.

Finally I decided to do it manually. I started Terminal Emulator and entered this commands:

cp /system/build.prop /sdcard

This copied the build.prop file to the director /sdcard where I was able to edit the file with a text editor and save the changes. To copy the file back it was necessary to mount /system as read write.

mount -o remount,rw /system
cp /sdcard/build.prop /system


After the reboot of the phone I had finally the pretty interface with smaller icons.


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